My College career in Spain

Since an early age I have lived in different places. It all started when I decided to do my junior year of high school in North Carolina. My goal was to go there to search for a university but then realized that the US was not the place to start my career. I was living with an American Family where I had many problems because even though the house where I was living was amazing, the family was dirty. They never cleaned the house, they had cats walking around the house and I didn’t felt comfortable there. This is when I realize that it doesn’t matter the place, but the people you are living with.

I was part of the DECA Club (International Association of marketing students) and we have already started to make an International business plan with my team. The program helped me find a new host family outside North Carolina but this implied that I had to abandon my team and not finish the competition. I didn’t want this to happen so I asked a very close friend of mine, Taylor if I could live with her family. I meet her family and they decided to help me. This was one of the most important moments in my life where I learned much. My host dad, Todd is a lawyer and he took me to trials to see him defend the people and once in a week we will speak in his office about life. Todd was so intelligent that I started to be curious about law and finally I realize that I wanted to be a layer.


At the same time my team and I won the first place in North Carolina with our international business plan and we were invited to compete in California. We won the 5th place in the USA. When I was receiving the price I realized that business was also my passion. So I started to wonder, why not a double degree in law and business administration? If I decided to study law I couldn’t stay in the USA, since they have common law. The only choices I had left were Ecuador, Chile and Spain since law in these countries is compatible. 


In Ecuador this career is not offered and I also didn’t wanted to study in Quito. While searching for universities, I found in the Internet the University of Navarra in Spain ( and they offer this double degree. The cool part is that if you do this double degree bilingual you have to do two semesters abroad. So when I came back to Ecuador to do my last year of High School I applied and I got in. I spent 6 years of my life in Pamplona studying and even though they were the hardest years they also were the best ones in my life. The first two years I lived in a Catholic residence called ¨Santa Clara¨ ( with nuns because I didn’t know anyone with whom I could share a flat. This was a perfect place to make some friends and then look for a flat together.


On my third year of college I lived with Almudena and an American girl, Atoosa that came in an exchange program, since our friend Pilar was studying for one semester abroad in Taiwan. Then she came back on the second semester and Pilar came to live with us. It wasn’t hard to find someone to live with because I already knew Almudena and Pilar so we didn’t have any problems living together.


But the problems came when I started traveling and moving more for my: study abroad in Seattle for one semester in University of Washington (, my summer internship in the Philippines and finally when I did my last semester abroad in Tongji University ( in Shanghai.

To know more about this experiences read my next post ☺.

Also if you had similar experiences and trouble looking for a group of persons to live with, share with us and leave a comment!

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