Earth Day: What You and Your Roomie Can Do to Help

earth day

As you and your roomie celebrate the Earth, we can look back on the past year and what we could have done to better our planet. Maintaining the health and prosperity of our Earth is vital to our own health and prosperity. So, it is important to know what  you and your roomie can do in the fight against climate change.

This guide will help you and your roomie understand how you affect the world around you and what changes you need to make as global warming becomes an increasingly urgent problem.  

Understanding Climate Change

The truth about climate change is frightening. We are now facing the repercussions of greenhouse gasses as they continue to warm the atmosphere and cause more problems across the globe.

While you and your roomie may enjoy warmer beach temperatures during the summer. Eventually you will experience the negative repercussions of climate change in one way or another. Climate change is a chain reaction. Once it begins there is no telling what could happen to the future of our plant as well as the future of mankind.

Reducing You & Your Roomies Carbon Footprint

There are a number of small changes you and your roomie can make to reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some easy steps to help you get started.

#1 Change your Eating Habits

After fossil fuels the food industry is a major contributor to global warming.


This industry requires lots of water and fertilizers that can release greenhouse gases. Not to mention the mass amounts of land it requires, some of which come from cleared forests, another source of carbon emissions. So, if you and your roomie stay away from meat a dairy, this could decrease the rate of production within these industries.

#2 Cut Down on Unnecessary Shopping


The energy used to produce clothing represents around 3% of the world’s global production emissions of CO2. The rapid pace of fast fashion contributes to this figure as clothes are discarded or fall apart after short periods of time. These clothes are then thrown out and not recycled. Next time you and your roomie go shopping, try going to a thrift store instead of forever 21.

#3 Appreciate the World Around You

While this may sound corny, the simple act of going outside and appreciating the world you live in can serve as a helpful reminder to care for the Earth.

earth Earth Day represents a yearly reminder for all of us to make a personal connection with our planet, why not make a connection with our planet everyday? NASA is encouraging people to get outside and take a #GlobalSelfie. You can find out more info here.

#4 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Surely you have heard this phrase before. But the truth of the matter is that we no longer have a choice. We must reduce the things we purchase and consume, reuse what we can and recycle everything. We can no longer afford to mindlessly consume because it has been and will continue to hurt the Earth. You and your roomie should recycle as much as possible and be aware of what you purchase, use and consume.



By making these simple changes you and your roomie can help keep the Earth strong and healthy. Remind your roomie that everyday is Earth Day. Get outside and appreciate the world around you, because it may not be around forever.

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