Starting a designer career in Spain

My vocation comes from my family because many people in my family (like my mother) are creative, painters and there are many of them who have a passion for fashion! Also , I have to thank my father because he has always supported me in everything and  he encouraged me to see the world and to persuade my career abroad.

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My work as a designer started when I entered college. I decided to choose Spain as my destination because I have always liked it´s culture, fashion, architecture and art. The truth is that I like everything about this amazing country. The experience that I received by studying abroad is culturally enriching and undoubtedly influential in my personal and professional development.

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It allowed me to learn the culture, customs and often, traveling through the surrounding or neighbor countries also by learning their language. Getting used to another way of life, schedules, opinions and thoughts requires an open and tolerant character, personality and acquiring attitudes learn to live and study with people from other countries. I think with the passage of time in the country you choose, you will understand how much you have learned and how much you have won in the exchange with other cultures and ways of thinking.

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I think today, the labor market demands professional profiles that incorporate an interdisciplinary and general training. Companies with this profile, require that staff not only contribute solid and extensive knowledge, but that have training commensurate with the international orientation of the business world. International programs offer the possibility of establishing a first contact with the professional world of a foreign country, expanding the vision of the sector in which they wish to exercise their profession.

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Just like it happened to me. I study at the European Institute of Design in Madrid, which helped me develop as a designer and make different internships with Spanish brands, which opened my mind as creative. Growing up as a designer and studying abroad bring me important opportunities such as participating in  South 36.32N new talent show in cadiz, winning a contest in Las Rozas Village, being the best emerging designer of Ecuador 2015, Recognition as one of the TOP 6 FASHION DESIGNERS 2015 and the more than anything grow as a brand Florencia Davalos.

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Florencia Dávalos is a conceptual and free-spirited fashion house founded in Quito Ecuador in 2014. In constant evolution, the creative collective Maison challenges and reinvents it’s vision.The Maison is a cross-section between fashion and design with its two lines: Haute Couture and womenswear.

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The brand believes in its global presence, high standards and personal touch to remain intact and distinctive within the Fashion Industry. Couture finishing, high quality fabrics, wearability and exquisite elegance defines the designer’s approach where each attire is a statement in time. Each garment created is a unique accomplishment and an immediate reflection of Florencia’s artisanal touch, which maintains the distinctive concept by giving each design or look its own authentic character.


Studying abroad instructed me to be the person I am today. Never miss your chance to study abroad and learn about different cultures, nurture yourself with what surrounds you.

Author: Florencia Dávalos 24, Ecuador

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