Day 1: Yangshuo, Breakfast at Lucy´s Place, walk around the market and the streets

Day 2: Rent a bike, lunch at Mountain Nest, bike around the Yulong River

Day 3: Xingping, walk around the old city, lunch at Old Street Café, Bamboo boat in the Li River, back to Yangshuo

Day 4: Fish massage, rent scooters (electric bikes), Moon Hill and surroundings lunch in Wada Hostel, ride along the river, back to Guilin

Day 5: Reed Flute Cave

Day 6: Diecai Hill, back to Shanghai


Day 1

We woke up at 11:00 am, we really needed to rest plus it was raining! Later at 1:00 pm we had breakfast at Lucy’s Place, which has Western and Chinese food. I order a tuna sandwich for 28 kuai but it was not that good, the Lucy’s breakfast is good Susan order it and its decent, its about 38 kuai.


At 3:30 pm we left the restaurant and we walk around the market and the streets! Later at 9:45 pm with Jordan we ate a burrito on the street for 9 kuai it was very good!🙂







Day 2

We left the hostel at 10:30 am to Wada Hostel so we can stay all together. It is 39.5 kuai per night you can look for more information in At 12:40 we took a taxi to meet the others to rent a bike so we paid for the taxi 40 kuai.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.18.34.png

Today we are going to rent a bike and it is 20 kuai per person, we rent them in the Dragons Den Hostel. At 1:20 pm we had lunch at Mountain Nest which is the red building in front of the hostel, we rented the bikes. At 2:30 pm we left the restaurant and we start our trip on the bike and we went to the Yulong River.






At 1:20 pm we had lunch at Mountain Nest which is the red building in front of the hostel, we rented the bikes. At 2:30 pm we left the restaurant and we start our trip on the bike and we went to the Yulong River. This place is magical, words can describe how beautiful and relaxing it is!







We got lost with Jordan, so it was getting late and there was no lights on the street. We where lucky that a Chinese guy who speak english help us. At the end we took a bus for 30 minutes and we payed 150 kuai. At 7:50 pm arrived to the hostel. At 8:30 pm we went to have dinner in the same place we had lunch since the food was good and it was close to the hostel were we had to leave the bikes. I ordered granola, fruit and yogurt for 18 kuai, but if you are very hungry the plate is small.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.31.13.png

Day 3

We woke up at 8:30 and had breakfast and at 10:20 am we walked to the bus station. We arrived at 10:45 am to the station; it costs 8 kuai to go to Xingping. So the first thing we did was to walk around the old city, its beautiful and there are a lot of shops and restaurants. We ate in the old street café, its about 18-30 kuai.





At 2:40 pm we took the bamboo boat and we payed 75 kuai, the normal price is 98 so you will have to bargain to get a lower price. The government takes 65 kuai so 75 is good since the ladies that offer you the bamboo only make a profit of 10 kuai. We finished at 3:30 its amazing, you will enjoy it! Its kind of short but is relaxing🙂 later we went back to the same restaurant to rest.







Then we head back to the port and took some pictures with the sunset, it was cloudy but still it was beautiful. Later we went back to the bus station at 5:45 pm because the last bus is at 7:00 pm.




We arrived to Yangshuo at 6:45 pm. Then we went to the hostel, took a shower and had dinner at the hostel. We played Uno with Matthieu and on the first run I won 5-3 and he bought me a snicker. Since he was upset we decided to play again but it was not a good idea, you can tell why… I won 7-5 so my price was an ice-cream!!! Such a good night🙂


Day 4

I Woke up with Jordan at 7:30 am for the fish and eat breakfast at the hotel at 8:40 am, the rest did not wanted to try it haha! Later at 9:30 am, we decided to have the fish massage. At the beginning you will feel a weird sensation but afterwards it is so cool, its a different experience that you cant miss it for 20 kuai and its unlimited time!🙂 we came back to the hostel to meet the others and prepare the check out and then on west street we rent scooters (electric bikes) for 50 kuai each.




We were driving around and at 12:40 am we arrived to the Moon Hill, we payed 8 kuai because its has a lower price with the student carnet. The hike is not hard at all, we finished at 2:00 pm, there are only steps and then the view is amazing. The day was not that sunny so it was perfect to hike, otherwise it could have been harder.






At 4:00 pm we had lunch in the hostel and after that Matthieu bought me the ice-cream he owed me. Then we took again our scooters and followed the river, it was very peaceful!! At 7:36 we walk towards the bus station to go back to Guilin. The bus left at 8:30 pm to Guilin, so be aware of the bus schedule. It cost 22 kuai, don’t hesitate to buy it when you buy your ticket to coming from Guilin. After we arrived we walk to our hostel that was Wada hostel and we ate dinner there since it was already late. Then we just chilled in the hostel.






Day 5

We woke up at 10:30 am, and then had breakfast in the hostel. We took a taxi and we arrived at 2:00 pm to the Reed Flute Cave, it costs 60 kuai with the student discount. It will take you like one hour to visit the cave. Later we took the bus for one kuai and then stopped in the downtown to eat. Take bus 2 for 1 kuai for the hostel. All the group left to Shanghai but Yacine and me  stayed for one more day.




Day 6

We woke up at 11:00 pm and we had breakfast in the hostel and then we planned our day. So we went to Diecai Hill, took the bus number 2 from the hostel. The bus stop is in Shanghai Road and its 1 kuai. For entering the hill we paid 17.5 kuai with the student carnet. The view is amazing we finished at 4:30 pm and then we walk back to the hostel to eat lunch. Our flight was at 10:20 pm so in the hostel you can order a taxi for 90 kuai, so we left the hostel at 8:30 pm.







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