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11 Catalan Phrases that you Must Learn Before Coming to Barcelona

11 Catalan Phrases that you Must Learn Are you planning on traveling to Barcelona? Do you want to be able to impress your friends and maybe even catch the attention of a local Catalan? Although Barcelona is a popular destination location for…
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15 Things Exchange Students Should Do in Barcelona

15 Things Every Exchange Student Should Do After Arriving in Barcelona Traveling to a new city can seem rather intimidating at times, especially if this is the first time living outside of your country. When an exchange student arrives in Barcelona,…
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Top 8 rooftops in Barcelona: roommates plans!

Top 8 rooftops in Barcelona you should visit with your roommates! Summertime has finally arrived and with this splendid weather, there is nothing better than going roof hoping in Barcelona! Are you with your roommates' craving for a juicy sangria…

8 Best places to have brunch in Barcelona with your roommates!

Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? Do you love going for brunches on the weekend with your roommates? Do you dream with a sunny day, a mimosa, freshly baked bread, a perfect cooked omelet, and summer fruit? Then this post is for you. You…
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My Erasmus adventure in Nancy-FlatFit

So in less than two weeks I was having dinner with most diverse group of people I could have had imagined, people from Germany, Belgium, Hungary and many other countries. All of them with different backgrounds but destiny had put us all together in that town of Alsace-Lorraine.
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When you study abroad you find fascinating people!

When you study abroad you will find in every corner fascinating people! Hello, I am Juan Ignacio Serrano from Ecuador, I am 23 years old and I am studying Communication in Thompson Rivers University. Fortunately, I have had many experiences…
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My experience after college

I literally tried everything: Facebook groups, local real state agencies, famous apps. At the end of the day, I just realized it was not a question of what I was looking for but whom I want to live. As I was saying before, demand is so high that people simply choose who they want to live with based on the personal feeling they get when they first meet.
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When your college friends become your family

After six years of studying a doble degree in the University of Navarra we have finally graduated, but before we take our own paths we decided to make a class trip to Fuerteventura from May 23-30. We arranged our trip with…
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3 Countries, 2 Cities and 1 heart

When I arrived at Trinity, I was so lucky to connect in such a deep level with my roommates: Katherine Harty, Helene Nepomuceno and Lauren Cornejo. We did everything together, every memory I have of freshman year, it was the 4 of us.
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Mistakes that freshers out there should try to avoid

The basic expertise anyone acquires in their first months revolves around cleaning , cleaning your room, cleaning your dishes, cleaning your clothes, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Rather than blaming all my roommates, which kept on losing their temper due to my house mismanagement, I thank them for teaching me how to respect one another.