Studying abroad has always been something I wanted to do. After completing my undergrad bachelors degree in Lebanon – Beirut at Lebanese American University, I decided to pursue my masters in London or New York. After considering both options, applying to universities in both I decided to go with London given it´s booming in the field I want to study which is Design and Branding Strategy.

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I started my Masters degree in Brunel University where I lived in an on-campus accommodation. I had my own ensuite bedroom and shared a kitchen with the 9 other rooms on my floor. It was a huge move for me living in a small dorm room was far from what I was used to, but then again it was a smart move to make new friends and be close to my university campus at all times.

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After completing my masters degree which was only 1 year I decided to stay in London and search for a job. Finding a house was such a hassle, aside from it being very costly I wanted to find a house that I can host friends at. But knowing London’s real estate that was impossible. Luckily in the year I was in London I got close to a Lebanese friend who wanted to go on the same road of finding a job.

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After endless nights of flat search and not being able to find a place without having to sign off a contract we decided to book an Aribnb house for 2 months despite how costly it was. Our Airbnb rent is coming to an end now and we both found jobs in London but again can’t sign off anything until we are 100% secured in the companies we work with before finding long term houses that would cost us.

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So we will either have to get another Airbnb house or move in with people who will allow us to pay monthly without promising them a 6 month contract which is usually London’s minimum.

Author: Diala El-Zein 24, Lebanon

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