How To Rent a Room in Mexico City

Moving is hard, even when you have the perfect room to move into. But your dream room can be difficult to come by. Negotiating for the right price, navigating around unfamiliar neighborhoods and trying to find the right roommates to live with can be very overwhelming.

However, this guide will help you rent your ideal room without all the anxiety that comes with it.


Budgeting Your Room

It is important to know your budget and how much you are willing to spend on your new place. This could potentially eliminate some more expensive areas in the city. Fortunately, Mexico City is an affordable area and is filled with lively neighborhoods and unique rental opportunities.


Many people advertise their room availability in various Facebook Groups and online platforms like Vivanuncios. These platforms enable you to look at what is available and figure out what you want to pay for. On average you can expect to be paying between 6,000 – 10,000 MXN if you want to live in a trendy, safe neighborhood. For those who have a lower income, getting a roommate would be a cheaper alternative to renting out an entire flat to yourself. But, finding a roommate to live with can be just as difficult as finding a room to live in.

Finding Your Roommate

Living with a roommate would provide a lower rent for a nicer place and save you more money. There are also more rooms available for rent than there are entire houses or flats. You would be more likely to find a great room in your ideal neighborhood if you choose to move in with a roommate. If chosen correctly, your roommates could offer an opportunity to meet different people and experience new things.


On the other hand, a bad roommate could make it harder to settle into your new home and enjoy yourself at all. Your roommate can make or break your experience, so it’s important that you know who you are moving in with. Luckily, there is an app that eliminates the stress of finding a roommate. Flat Fit App gets you in touch with others who are on the search for a good roommate. This online hub connects you to people with similar interests, budgets and personalities to bring you the perfect roommate. 

Flat Fit can even help with finding your room as many people turn to Flat Fit when they have an extra room available. So, you can sift through various rooms as well as roommates all in one place. Download Flat Fit App now and give yourself the opportunity to move into a great room with a great roommate! 

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