Not everyone has a ton of money lying around to blow on expensive furniture and art, but everyone wants a nice-looking home. Fortunately, building up a well-decorated apartment without overspending isn’t just possible, it’s downright easy! If you’re willing to get creative and scrounge through a couple thrift shops, then your flat is going to look like it has professional home decor before you know it.

Wall Decor

There is definitely something to be said for clean, blank wall space, but most people need some kind of decoration to spice up their living rooms. It might seem tempting to buy an expensive tapestry or painting, but there are tons of cheap alternatives to formal artwork. Try putting up some wall decals, which are cheap and can be found just about anywhere, or buying a blank canvas and making your own art. You could even paint on an old bedsheet if you’re REALLY strapped for cash. Curtains are also cheap, and can be used for more than blocking sunlight. Hang some curtains around the edges of your room to add a 3D element to your space.


First of all, when you’re looking for furniture on a budget, NEVER buy from a store. People are constantly getting rid of their old furniture, and you can often get excellent-quality stuff for practically free. Keep one eye on Craigslist and other swapping websites and network with your friends to see if they know about someone giving away an old sofa. You could also consider getting your hands on multi-purpose furnitures like a Murphy bed or a futon so you can make the most of your space. Make sure you pay attention to your home’s color scheme when you make your choice, and don’t be afraid to repaint that old wardrobe so it fits in.


Adding extra lighting to your room is another great way to add depth without blowing your budget. Think about your space in terms of layers: if you already have an overhead light, try to put some lamps on your side tables, or run some accent lighting along the floor. Light and shadows can as useful as sculpture; just be careful not to run up your electric bill.


There are only seven words you need to know for floor decor: throw rugs, throw rugs, and throw rugs. Rugs protect your floors (and security deposit) from damage and can add some insolation during chilly winter nights. Throw rugs are a great way to define different areas of your house if you have an open floor plan.


Decorating is, at its heart, a way to add your personality to the space around you, and there’s no better tool for that than accessories. Home accessories can consist of absolutely anything, from pottery to picture frames to action figures to houseplants and everything in between. Try hitting up your local tchotchke place for some weird old stuff with a character or even the dollar store. Arrange your stuff artfully on your coffee table and shelving and make your room YOUR room. Just remember not to overdo it. Lots of accessories can easily make a space look messy or cluttered, which is rarely good for effective home decor.


The number one tip for home decor on a budget is creativity. If you’re smart about how you use the things you buy, your home will look professionally decorated no matter what! What does your home decor look like? Show us on Instagram with the #FlatFitDecor hashtag and keep checking our blog for more great articles like this.

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