Having a flatmate is not only about splitting the bills and sharing the fridge

I moved in with a friend two years ago and since then, college life has become much easier. We both left our parents and hometowns to come to Milan (Italy) and study at Bocconi University. He is from Belgium and I am from France, we were used to have everything done for us at home and from one day to the next we had to know everything about cooking and house-keeping.


I got to know my buddy better than anybody else and so did he. My friends eventually became his friends and his friends became mine so we ended up spending most of our free time together. Our apartment is a place to invite friends over for dinner and sometimes to throw parties, I guess cleaning after is part of the fun. To find a flatmate according to your lifestyle use FlatFit App. To know when the App is launch subscribe 🙂 https://flatfitapp.wixsite.com/subscribe


Our apartment is the place where we launched our first business which we decided to set as a partnership. Our first profits went to a common bank account and we decided to spend together that money. As if I didn’t spend enough time with my flatmate we first went on vacation to Greece, then to Morocco, Florida and eventually the Bahamas; a pretty intense year. This guy is much more than a person I share my apartment with, he became my best friend and very likely someone I will work with him in the future since we perfectly know each other and have a similar way of thinking.


I am today in my third year of university and I am pretty worried about next year because I’ve no clue about where I will live and who I will live with. If I have to share a room or a flat with someone, he or she better be amazing, I now have high standards. From the first days at university, it is crucial to meet a lot of people, you will quickly surround yourself with the best, which will make your experience unique.


Author: Clement 21,France

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