When I applied for exchange to Simon Fraser University  (https://www.sfu.ca/) , I didn’t know what I was getting into. When I applied for a four-people house on campus, I didn’t know what I was getting into. When I started my exchange and got into my house, I knew exactly what I had gotten myself into – happiness.


Kimberly 35, the name of my home for the next three months. I am standing outside the porch, wondering if Marco is going to be inside. We had gotten in touch during the summer as we came from the same university, and had chosen to move in together. I am opening the front door, peeking for a first glance of the house and the other two unknown roomies. There is a note on the fridge – Sam and Santi say they will back on Friday.


It’s Friday night and I am walking back home with Marco. Behind the fogginess of the rain there are two boys heading down towards us. I couldn’t figure out whether they were struggling to run because of the rain, or because they were laughing so much. Through their struggle however, they surpassed us, and… Got into our house. It was Santi and Sam!

Evidently it crossed my mind what it would be like to live with three males –testosterone-full, first-year, loud males. But they all had abs and walked around T-shirtless, so who cares right? Jokes – kinda – but I figured that it would all work out because we all shared this one little characteristic; respect. “It’s the little things that count”; ever heard of that one?


Third time changing house since I started university; third time lucky. It is never easy to adapt to other people’s habits and moods, especially when these people are different to you – but sometimes it just clicks. And for us, it clicked. Four people, four personalities, four counterparts, zero clashes.


Marco and Sam do maths together weeks before the assignment is actually due; Sam and I cuddle during Dexter between promised cheesecakes and teas; Sam and Santi through toilet paper at each other during the night because, well, just because; Santi and Marco share the same intense “interests”, so to call them; Santi and I go poster-hunting between message sessions and haircuts; Marco and I laugh so hard that I literally lose my voice for a few days – he probably does it on purpose.


I come home every night knowing that the boys will be there to comfort me after seeing an Instagram story that I wish I could unsee, to re-energise me with a little predrinks when I need to detach from my thoughts, and to watch Netflix when we are too tired after those gatherings of the night before and the studying of the hours prior. Boys will be boys; my boys will be my boys.


Be narrow and filter down to the people who want to share your same experience. Be open and adapt to those who will make you grow. Be FlatFit.

Autor:  Claudia Russo Sanjuanbenito 20, Spanish-Italian

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