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Which District in Barcelona Best Matches Your Personality?

Are you living with like-minded roommates? What does your district in Barcelona say about your personalities? Are you party animals, or rebels, or adventurers, or something entirely different?

Finding the perfect district in Barcelona to live in is difficult enough, but finding one in which you get along with your future roommates makes the search even more treacherous. Barcelona is divided into ten distinct neighborhoods, and each has their own personality. Is it paramount to learn which district personality suits your personality, as this might make the search to find like-minded people just a little easier too. But you’re likely a busy person and reading long essay-length descriptions would waste your precious time. So I’ve taken the liberty of hand-selecting seven popular districts (and sub-districts), while still allowing you to determine which district in Barcelona pairs best with your personality. So come and take a look!


The Rebels

The Gràcia is a district that feels alive both in the day and the night, and while it is hard to get there by cabs alone (due to narrow streets), one can easily reach this district via the L3 metro line. If you are someone who is fearless when it comes to letting your authenticity shine, and if you aren’t afraid to step out of your comfort zone… then this district in Barcelona is the one for you.

district in barcelona

Gothic Quarter:

The Adventurers

The Gothic Quarter is one of four sub-districts in Barcelona that make up Ciutat Vella. It is bordered by El Born (separated by Vía Laietana) and El Raval (divided by Las Ramblas). If you find yourself getting separated from your friends, and exploring the city or being drawn to every unusual store, alleyway, or historical building… the Gothic District is the one for you.

district in barcelona


The Foodies

This sub-district in Barcelona is full of delicious restaurants, and fun bars, but the key is that you must search for these hidden bars. From splendid dumplings, to seasonal pastas, or lacquered cakes—this district allows you to play the detective and search for tasty treats within the archaic streets. If your stomach is already grumbling after reading that list, or you’ve thought about food more than twice while reading this article, then you are someone who’d appreciate visiting this neighborhood with your roommates.

district in barcelona


The Samplers

This district in Barcelona is in the center of the city; it’s known for its many cafes, but is a smorgasbord of restaurants and cafes. If you are someone who is likes a little bit of everything in your life, if you like taking risks, but at your own speed… this district might be perfect for you.

district of barcelona


The Party Animals

This sub-district in Barcelona has many clubs, promoters with golden opportunities and (arguably) the best view of the sunrise in the city. If you are a creature of the night, someone who likes to dance and live it up until tomorrow… then this is the place for you.

district in barcelona

Sarrià-San Gervasi:

The Relaxed Ones

The district is made up of two parts, Sarria (north-eastern section) and San Gervasi (south western). Located above the city center, Sarria-San Gervasi is a relaxing and quiet area close to the hills and beneath Tibidabo. If you are the type of person who values peace and quiet over the bustling city, or who enjoys spending time connecting to nature in lush parks, then this district in Barcelona is for you.

district in barcelona


The Hipsters

Bordered by the Gothic sub-district and the Sant Antoni neighborhood, this sub-district in Barcelona is an area that beats to its own drum. If you are traveling for the first time, then be aware that some parts of this neighborhood can be seedy during the night. But once you get your bearings, this district will make you feel like Alice in Wonderland. And, if the coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs you’ve been going to with your roommates have been too mainstream for you… then the Raval will quickly become like a second home to you.

district in barcelona

Getting familiar with each district in Barcelona is the first step to finding the place that you can someday call home. I hope that one of the regions above pulled on your heartstrings—allowing you to pick a neighborhood to live in that best matches your personality. Looking through this article is one way to help you find a district that best matches your nature, but if you want an even faster and more in depth way of completing this search, try downloading the FlatFit app (iOS/Android). In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to post future articles with recommendations of what you and your roommates can do in each of these districts.

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