Starting from Russia, first of all, the main reason why I decided to go there was for this interesting summer school program about “Business Entrepreneurship” that really attracted me, and I also got a scholarship so everything was free! :).

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The university is the Polytechnic University of Saint Petersburg (, yes Saint Petersburg was the city where I took this summer school. University, campus, classrooms were really nice and in a very good shape! But the dorm was awful!

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Saint Petersburg is such a wonderful city, despite the cold weather, the city has a very warm soul thanks to all the Baroque buildings around the center (history tip: during the 18th century most of the city center was designed by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, a very famous Italian architect). So, the city is full of art, starting from the Hermitage one the most famous museum in the world to all the huge palaces, once the home of the Zar Peter the Great.

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But the most important thing I bring with me from Russia is all the people I meet there because now I can call most of them friends! Relations are the real added value of any experience, so happy to have met such nice people! I shared most of the time there with friends: studying, cooking and of course, partying! hahaha yes partying in SPB is crazy (almost like in Shanghai xD)! free entrance almost in any club of the city, rooftop parties and of course plenty of vodka everywhere!!!!

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Yes, drinking at least one vodka shot is a must in Russia, nobody can refuse it!

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Partying all the night long make you feel so tired, but it lets you also to discover how is the city during the night; and trust me, it’s even better than during the day…moreover the sunrise is priceless!!! Concluding I can just say thanks to Saint Petersburg for all the memories I collected there.

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So, if you will have any chance to go there, don’t hesitate, just go!!! But, remember to never take a fake cab, they are so dangerous! (if you are asking yourself how a fake taxi looks, just look at the next pic… ahahah xD xD)

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