Best Clubs in Mexico City

Every big city has their collection of unique nighttime destinations. Mexico City is no exception. With a different club to satisfy all different types of people on every night of the week. Whether you like techno and EDM or R&B and Hip-Hop, in this city there is something for every style and every budget.   

So if you want to find out where you should go out dancing this weekend, just keep reading to discover the top clubs in Mexico City.


Located in la Juárez neighborhood, Mono is known to play djs that will keep your feet moving until the early hours of the morning.


This club is open from Wednesday through Saturday and doesn’t close its doors until dawn. But the best time to show up is around 2:00 am.

Patrick Miller

Playing only 80s, 90s and early 2000s music, Patrick Miller is the perfect place when you’re in the mood for some throwback songs.


Known for having groups of people having dance duels, this club is energetic and lively. No need to dress up as Patrick Miller is casual and only sells beer. Sorry ladies, no vodka cranberries here.



For the lovers of electronic music, Janis is just the place to go. This club attracts a younger crown until around 2am, then the dance floors begin to fill up with some older adults who will stay until the sunrises.


Located in one of the nicer areas in mexico city, this club tends to be a little more expensive. You know people came to spend money when you hear the champagne bottles pop. Perfect for special occasions and celebrations, Sens plays commercial pop songs everyone in your party will be sure to know the words to.


If you want to book a table at Sens, visit there website here.

El Marrakech

At this LGBT nightclub you can find lively people who appreciated good music. Being a very open minded environment, you can come here to dance like a fool with the masses. 


Although it is a gay club, people of all different orientations come for the cheap drinks and good vibes.

Looking to have a drink before going to the club? Check out our blog to show you where you can find the best beers and rooftop bars in Mexico City at!


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