Brunch in Condesa

What’s the best way to start your Sunday morning? No, not church: BRUNCH! In Mexico City, you can find brunches that range from traditional Mexican breakfasts like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and shirred eggs to the pancakes and bottomless mimosas of the U.S and everything in between. And there’s no better brunch than brunch in Condesa, with its winding streets, countless cafes, and Art Deco architecture. Here’s our guide to the best spots for brunch in Condesa, CDMX.


Qué Sería de Mí

Brunch in Condesa

Qué Sería de Mí

Alfonso Reyes 164 Local B, Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

Qué Sería de Mí is more than a delicious hole-in-the-wall for brunch in Condesa that serves a sophisticated range of foods: it’s one of the best breakfast eateries in all of Mexico City. This Condesa restaurant specializes in local cheeses, and their best menu options are definitely their cheese platter and world-famous blueberry and ricotta pancakes, but they offer so much more for vegans and the lactose-intolerant. They serve fresh-squeezed juices, chilaquiles, and a thick, rich tomato soup flavored with Italian pesto. Qué Sería de Mí occupies a tiny location with limited seating, so show up early or be prepared to wait in a line that often stretches down the sidewalk.


Chiquitito Cafe

Brunch in Condesa

Chiquitito Cafe

Alfonso Reyes 232, Hipódromo, 06100, CDMX

For some of us, the best part of brunch is throwing back a refreshing mug of coffee, Chiquitito Cafe is the place for you. This spot for brunch in Condesa specializes in coffee beverages and espressos and is widely viewed as having some of the best coffee in Mexico City. That said, they’ve got a lot more than joe for the hungry bruncher. Baguettes, sandwiches, and sweetbreads can be purchased from the counter, and you can sit at their sidewalk tables to watch Condesa stroll by as you eat your breakfast.



Brunch in Condesa

Trip Advisor 

Maque, Calle Ozuluama 4, Hipódromo, 06100, CDMX

Maque, located in the heart of the Condesa neighborhood, is the place to go if you’re looking for an authentic Mexican brunch. You can munch on salty treats like enfrijoladas, molletes, and their famous chilaquiles, or a delicious assortment of sweet pastries and rich hot chocolate. Their selection of Mexican baked goods includes specialties like danés, conchas, panques, and oreja. Even though there will almost definitely be a line for the Sunday morning breakfast rush, Maque is absolutely worth the wait.


Origenes Organicos

Brunch in Condesa

Orígenes Orgánicos

Plaza Popocatépetl 41-A, Condesa, 06140, CDMX

If you’re a health nut looking for brunch in Condesa, Origenes Organicos is the place for you. It’s mostly an organic grocery store, but they do serve brunch and everything on their menu is certified organic, with a wide range of juices and smoothies for getting you your vitamins in the morning. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, Origenes Organicos also has a ton of options for you beyond their smoothies and fruit. Give their vegan quesadillas or enchiladas a try, or check out their on-site store or authentic vegan ingredients you can use in your own kitchen.


Azul Condesa

Azul Restaurantes

Azul Condesa, Nuevo León 68, Hipódromo, 06100, CDMX

Mexican cuisine with a risque, modern twist, Azul Condesa is managed by chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, author of numerous cookbooks. Enjoy their seasonal fruit and granola, enchiladas suizas, or zucchini-flower quesadillas. As a special, off-menu option, you can try the chef’s famous hot chocolate, made with water below the boiling point, which preserves the chocolate flavor. You can choose between a splash of hibiscus, ginger, or vanilla for extra flavor.


So whether you’re looking for a traditional Mexican breakfast, a hot mug of coffee, or just a tasty brunch in Condesa, there’s something for you in one of Mexico’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Eat up and explore, and keep checking back with your friends at FlatFit for more great guides to CDMX!


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