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Tips on Adapting to the Barcelona Culture – coming from an American


This experience being my second time in Barcelona is really different from my first, back when I was in high school visiting for a week. During that week we got the chance to see every important landmark here in Barcelona which is very refreshing now coming back for a second time. Now the goal isn’t really to visit the touristy locations in  Barcelona but to live and embrace the Barcelona culture since I am here for a lot longer than a week. Here are some tips on adapting to the Culture.

1. First things first…

While trying to adapt to a new country remember that you aren’t in your home country! I know that is very obvious but people do forget (i.e. me)  just the little things that seemed alright while in the states can have a different meaning than what you originally thought. For example, the term and the act of  “jaywalking” are very common here in Barcelona while in the US it is deemed illegal. So Be Careful!

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2. Secondly…

Remember the eating and schedule of the day is very different because here they do eat a big lunch with a “siesta”, a post-lunch nap, that tides them over until dinner which is normally served around (9:30-11). For me, this might have been the hardest thing to adapt to because coming from America you realize that you have fewer options to eat at whatever time because some restaurants are closed and others are still open. So going out till 2-3am and stumbling into an open Mcdonalds or Cookout (a local fast food chain from where I’m from), for some quick food doesn’t really happen 🙁  A good idea would to buy a Little bit extra from dinner and save it for when you come back from whichever bar or club.

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3. Lastly…

The euro is much stronger than the dollar so whenever an ítem whether its food or a type of service may seem cheap in euros in dollars it’s actually more than you expected. Again this tip might be super obvious but it is something that tends to slip through peoples’ minds, to think in euros instead of dollars is definitely challenging at first especially if you are only shopping with a card. A good idea would be to get some extra food from dinner to store in your fridge and save for when you get back.

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These are just some things that I have learned while being here, please if you have any other advice let us know! Also, if you are coming to Barcelona and you are looking for a roommate or a place to live download FlatFit and find your ideal roommate! 🙂

Alex, 20 American

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