I believe we have all experienced the great excitement and slight trepidation of starting a new era in our lives and becoming an independent young adult by living away from our families. Just like any other college student, I took this huge, scary step towards independent life, with a healthy dose of both angst and joy.


Moving to Milano in the summer of 2014, I knew I would be living in a lovely little apartment with two bedrooms, one would be mine, and I hadn’t the slightest clue of who would share the flat with me and take the other bedroom. Between the many worries of a college fresher, I was quite glad to entrust the task of finding a flat mate in a city where I knew no one to my landlord, but of course I had so many doubts about all the possibilities of living with someone completely incompatible with me. I only had a vague idea of what sharing all the responsibilities of taking care of the apartment would entail, and most of those ideas came from movies and TV shows! Of course once I got to meet my first flat mate, an exchange student from France, most of my fears shrank to insignificance, and we made it work just fine.


The next year I got the lovely chance of choosing my own flat mate and helping one of closest friends to move in with me. This obviously added a completely new flavor to the whole concept of having a flat mate. Here I had the work of Flat Fit cut out for me, as I knew we could easily talk about any issue that would arise and solve it together. This brings me to a key point that everyone sharing apartments or rooms will probably agree on. Trust is absolutely the key ingredient to building a comfortable and happy environment, it allows for much more flexibility, freedom and confidence when dealing with any issues or responsibilities that may trouble the household. Subscribe to know when FlatFit App releases the App 🙂 http://www.flatfitapp.wix.com/subscribe


Author: Lukas 20, Lithuania

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