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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Roommate’s Next Birthday in Barcelona

“Is your roommate going to have their birthday in Barcelona? Is it your first time visiting Barcelona? Do you need a little inspiration? Look at our list of 5 ways” to spice up your roommate’s next birthday in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a big city often desired by many because of its transcendent nightlife, the medieval sights, gastronomical genius, and its famed football club. The endless options can often feel overwhelming to anyone that has just settled in Barcelona, especially if they are planning a birthday party for a roommate. Most opt to head to the Barceloneta and reserve the VIP section of a club when celebrating their roommate’s birthday in Barcelona.

Going to a club is fun, but it might get boring to do over and over for several roommates, so why don’t people take advantage of the abundant opportunities that Barcelona has to offer? Not many are knowledgeable about the opportunities that lie in this cosmopolitan city, so I’ve compiled a list of 5 ideas that will get you started thinking about how to celebrate your flatmate’s next birthday in Barcelona.


1. For the Thrill-seekers:

birthday in Barcelona

If you are someone who appreciates a little mystery in your lives, perhaps this is the experience for your next birthday in Barcelona… a mystery fit for a group of detectives. Think about all the great detectives and curious minds that loved to solve problems. Just as Sherlock needed Watson, for this experience will need your roommate will need you and their friends to help them solve the larger mystery at hand.

The escape room is a room with hidden objects, puzzles, and riddles that push you to escape it within a set amount of time, but you aren’t allowed to leave earlier until you’ve solved the overarching mystery. The nice thing about going to an escape room for a birthday party is that there are many escape rooms located throughout the city and therefore, it won’t get so boring if you have multiple flatmates who want to try this. Moreover, this is the ideal activity to complete as a group, especially if you’re a group of people with different personalities (allowing each person to bring something unique to the table).


 2. For the Foodies:

birthday in Barcelona

If the birthday boy or girl is someone who is very passionate about food, you should take their tastebuds on a ride by introducing them to true Catalan cuisine. A friend of mine was pleasantly surprised by her birthday in Barcelona when we all went to a traditional Catalan restaurant together. Every person’s meal was around 30€, and we had to pay in cash, but the food was delicious. For the price of the meal, each person was given ice-cold water, a pitcher of sangria, charcoal-roasted calçots, freshly cooked meat, fish or veggies, and a dessert of choice.

If you haven’t heard of calçots, refer to our article about 15 things Every Exchange Student Should Do After Arriving in Barcelona. The restaurant we went to is called La Taina, and is located in the Gràcia district, but the menu is in Catalan. So invite some of your new Catalan friends to go out to enjoy the meal with you, and you can guess what certain menu items mean in English. If you find yourself short for cash or on a budget, try our a few of our student budget friendly recommendations for your birthday meal.


3. For the Fearless:

birthday in Barcelona

Another option for your roommate’s birthday in Barcelona is to do something wild, crazy and a little bit outside of the standard student budget. This package will test your ability to trust your roommate, as you might have the chance to go up to speeds of 210 mph or 340km/h with them in a Ferrari Spider 458 down the cobbled streets of Barcelona. Just as I mentioned before, this is an expensive birthday gift, but if your roommate is a car fanatic, you might want to consider saving up for them.

The tours that I recommend taking are either the 69€ ride (20min drive near the golden beaches of the Barceloneta), or a 99€ package (which includes a 20min ride in a sports car listed in the registry and a 90 min sailing experience on a yacht with Cava provided). Both packages allow for a 20 min drive, fuel, and a professional instructor; however, the second package allows for your roommate to ride on a yacht with bottle service!

Both experiences are pricey and if you are attempting to add more people to this birthday in Barcelona, it will likely cost you more per person. There are also a lot of other packages, but they will cost more than two previously mentioned. Sometimes for that special roommate, you’ve just got to go big or go home. Just kidding, you don’t have to go home, but you should definitely consider this extravagant gift as a potential birthday surprise for them.


4. For the Sociable:

birthday in Barcelona

My most treasured memory of Barcelona was my family dinners with my flatmates. We always made spaghetti for our dinners, and some of us would bring wine, others would prep the sauce, toast the bread, grate the Parmesan, cook the pasta, or prepare the table. I still have a wonderful nostalgia surrounding the image of all six of us sitting around the table with spaghetti and tomato sauce in front of us. No matter what our schedules looked like, we all made it back to have a late Spanish dinner around 10 pm. Our birthdays in Barcelona were slightly different, but they nonetheless bring about memories almost as nostalgic as our spaghetti dinners.

Our standard birthday outings, were for all of the roommates to go out to eat devour a large meal, drink a few digestives and to go out dancing with our friends. If you and your roommates are over the clubbing scene, maybe you’d feel better starting the night out at one of the rooftop bars in the city. At first, it might seem too simple to share dinner and drinks with those close to you for a birthday in Barcelona, but it is the simplicity of it that makes it all the more valuable. Something extravagant and intricate has the ability to surprise your roommate, but more often than not I believe that the best kind of gift is simply being with the people that we care about.


5. For the Chill Ones:

birthday in Barcelona

One of the great aspects of living in Barcelona is that it is a metropolitan city center, but sometimes the ebb and flow of the city life (on top of school or work) can be too fast-paced or too stressful. If your roommate is someone who often takes refuge in nature; then this is the ideal birthday present for them. This birthday in Barcelona will be a reminder to your roommate that they can relax in nature among their friends, even in the hustle and bustle of the city. For their present, you will gather your roommates and friends for a picnic day in the Ciutadella Park .

As you walk through the Arc de Triomf, you’ll find an entrance to the park, and once you enter you’ll see plots of grass that you can lay on. This is incredibly easy to set up and even more simple to organize among a group of roommates. Each person should bring a snack, a plate of food, some drinks, or some blankets (or towels) to lay on. Make a group chat with everyone to confirm who is going to bring what, so you don’t forget the towels or something else. If you live with people that play instruments like the guitar or ukulele, you should ask them to learn the birthday song and bring their instrument to the park. I dare you to learn how to sing ”Happy Birthday” in Catalan too. This birthday takes a little something from all of the recommendations above and produces something even more pleasant surprise.

Now that you’ve perused our list, perhaps you have a few more ideas about how to celebrate your next roommate’s birthday in Barcelona. On the other hand, this list might have made you question if your roommates are the kind of people that you want to celebrate your birthday with, or if they are people who respect and understand you. This is a normal question to ask oneself, but often we don’t find a solution to that question.

Our solution for you is the FlatFit app. FlatFit provides a unique service that sets you up with your most compatible roommates in the area and permits you to start the conversation with them. My greatest hope is that you and your roommates (present or future) will be able to enjoy and surprise each other with a few of the items on this list. And don’t be afraid to try mixing and matching ideas from different descriptions about, I’m sure you’ll come up with some even better future birthday party ideas for your roommate’s next special day!

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