When I was 18 I went to study at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. I wanted to live new experiences, find adventures and share memories with new people.


When I arrived at Trinity, I was so lucky to connect in such a deep level with my roommates: Katherine Harty, Helene Nepomuceno and Lauren Cornejo. We did everything together, every memory I have of freshman year, it was the 4 of us. But soon enough we made a new friend down the hall, Victor Rodríguez. In a minute it was the 5 of us, doing everything together, all because we lived in close proximity to each other. They became my family, my support system. We went through fun times, sad times, and hard times.




By senior year I had many memories, adventures and experiences with my Trinity family. Nevertheless, I still wanted to explore more of the world the real world as I called it. Living in Trinity made me grow, take responsibilities and open up, but it was still all so comfortable and luxurious. I had been living in the Trinity bubble for 3 years, and I wanted to be exposed to living outside the bubble. I knew that back home I would not be able to experience this under the commodities that I had. So I decided to study abroad, once again; but this time I chose Paris, France.


It had been my lifelong dream to live in Paris, ever since I visited the city of lights when I was 16. As excited as I was, I was also a little anxious to meet new people all over again and have new roommates. This time the process was a little more overwhelming. As I got to Paris from my 14 hour-long flight with 2 stops, I felt exhausted and nervous. I arrived to the residency to find out that I had no roommate assigned yet. Long story short I had 3 roommates before getting the right one. I have always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. And now I know that I went through that hard process for 2 weeks, to finally have a lovely roommate with whom I was able to practice French.

Aside from my roommate I had an amazing community of people in my study abroad program. We were 9 students from United States that during our semester in Paris shared exceptional trips, visits to museums, monuments, great restaurants and just loved being in Paris. They were my Paris family and I knew that I could count on them whenever I needed to.


Between being home in Quito, Ecuador, being at Trinity in San Antonio, USA and Paris, France; I learned that no matter where you are you will always find people to share it with. Living amazing adventures, visiting awesome places, and living new experiences will always be better if you have amazing people to share it with. Having people around just makes everything better. I am so grateful for my studies abroad, but even more so for the people that shared it with me. I carried them all in my heart. So no matter where I am, between Ecuador, USA and France, I always carry my loved ones in my heart.



Author: Nicole Naranjo 24,  Ecuador

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