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3 cool places to explore with your roommates in El Raval

El Raval is a gorgeous neighborhood, but certain parts can be a bit seedy during the night, so if you want to visit it later on in the night, bring a few buddies with you. It has an unsung spirit that can be heard in the street art and in the food.

1. Rekons

Though we mentioned Rekons in our student budget restaurant list [interlink], we strongly felt that it should be on this list too. Rekons is the ideal summertime restaurant, as it has a variety of authentic Argentinian empanadas for you to taste. Also is a great way to explore El Raval neighborhood!

el raval

Location: c/Del Comte d’Urgell, 32


2.Bar Marsella

Many say that this bar is the oldest in Barcelona, as there are still cobwebs hinged to the corners of the room. Especially during the summertime, this absinthe bar floods with people (mostly the locals). Be sure to bring a lighter as it is key to making your absinthe.

el raval

Location: c/de Sant Pau, 65


3. Bar 33/45

This hip bar is one of a kind in its ambient vibe, gin and tonic mini bar and its music scene. Beyond the main room of 33/45, there’s a second room with a small tapas bar inside and comfortable sofas.

el raval

Location: c/de Joaquin Costa, 4


Don´t waist more time and go explore El Raval with your roommates! 🙂

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