Vivir Con Roomies

Series Que Retratan lo que Significa Vivir Con un Roomie

Hay muchos programas de televisión sobre parejas casadas, hermanos o grupos de amigos, pero puede ser difícil encontrar series que realmente identifique lo que significa vivir con un roomie. Afortunadamente, hay ejemplos brillantes de relaciones…
Rooftops in Mexico City

Los mejores tejados de la Ciudad de México

No hay nada mejor y glamuroso como alomorzar en un restaurante con azotea. Tendras las mejores vistas de la ciudad, miraras a la gente desde lejos y podras tomarte un cóctel de expectacula mientras te sientes ecantado frente a esas vistas.…
Cosas para hacer Coyoacan

Las cosas para hacer en Coyoacán, Ciudad de México

Coyoacán es un rincón tranquilo en  la Ciudad de México con su propia, historia, y muchas cosas para hacer. Posee su distintivo propio de su época como pueblo independiente, fue el sitio donde se libraron muchas batallas importantes a…
Living in Roma

Pros and Cons of Living in Roma, Mexico City

Colonia Roma is one of Mexico City’s most famous neighborhoods. It has a history as old as the city itself, a great food and bar scene, and good access to public transport. But what is it like to live in Roma? How do you know it’s the right…
Vida nocturna en Coyoacán

Nuestra guía de la vida nocturna de Coyoacán

Hay muchos vecindarios en la Ciudad de México, cada uno con sus propias comunidades, cultura y atmósfera, Coyoacán es uno de estos barrios. Coyoacán fue en el pasado un suburbio de la ciudad de México, y todavía lleva un poco de esa…
Brunch in Condesa

Best Brunch In Condesa, Mexico City

What’s the best way to start your Sunday morning? No, not church: BRUNCH! In Mexico City, you can find brunches that range from traditional Mexican breakfasts like chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and shirred eggs to the pancakes and bottomless…

5 Free Activities in Mexico City

Mexico City is a great place to live. There are restaurants, festivals, and fun things to do anywhere you look. That said, lots of Mexico City’s events, performances, and shopping cost money, and who wants to have to pay to have fun? A single…

5 Game Nights for Roommates

After a while, it can be tough to find new things to do with your roomies. You fall into your routines and do not really talk to each other outside the few minutes every day that your schedules overlap. A great way to rekindle your friendship…

Home decor on a budget

Not everyone has a ton of money lying around to blow on expensive furniture and art, but everyone wants a nice-looking home. Fortunately, building up a well-decorated apartment without overspending isn’t just possible, it’s downright easy!…
spanish life

Experimenting The Spanish Life

Barcelona is the first European city I have visited so you can imagine what my first encounters and experiences were like if you are also interning or studying abroad for the first time. From work to commuting to food, every single aspect was…