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When your college friends become your family

After six years of studying a doble degree in the University of Navarra we have finally graduated, but before we take our own paths we decided to make a class trip to Fuerteventura from May 23-30. We arranged our trip with http://www.bthetravelbrand.com/ since we were a big group.

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We took our flight from Ryanair.com and the price was around 150€ both ways. We left Madrid at 11:00 am and arrived to Fuerteventura at 1:30 pm. We waited for the bags and then we picked up the cars. We rented 7 cars for 35 persons in Cicar. The price is 100€ per week for each car, not bad right?

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From the airport to the hotel it takes like 30 minutes. The view was very nice, it looks like the desert but with the ocean! The landscape is unique. We arrived to the Hotel H10 suits, we paid 300 per person for a week that included buffet, breakfast and dinner.

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We left the bags in the rooms and then at 3:15 pm we went to have lunch! We decided to go to Mercadona to buy some salads and eat it in the swimming pool and then we bought some snacks.

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At 5:30 pm we went to Flag Beach, which it’s like 10 minutes by car. We chilled, and Andre, Clau and me decided to go running. At 8:45 pm we went to have dinner, it was very good! Later we went to Wiakiki bar, drinks are around 6-8€ and later it becomes like a Club! You can dance and the music is very good! We had a lot of fun!




Day 2

We left the hotel at 11:00 am to go to Cotillo, which is like 20 minutes from the hotel. First we went to la Concha Beach and then to Cotillo Beach. We played volley, went for a walk and rested. Some of the guys went to Surf, the initial price was 15€ but you can bargain and get it for 10€ which includes all the equipment’s. Later we had dinner and then we stayed talking, while others went to Wiakiki bar.





Day 3

We went to Flag Beach again at 11:30 am since some wanted to rest in the hotel and we didn’t wanted to go far. Many people got sun burned so we wanted to relax. It was very cool because we played a volleyball match and palas de playa. Later some of us when to have some drinks.




Then some of the girls went to Mercadona to buy food for lunch at 3:30 pm and we ate in the hotel.



At 7:15 pm we went to Corralejo Dunes. I really recommend you to go there, the landscape is so unique. It’s just 6 minutes away from the hotel by car so, it’s better if you go at this time since it’s not too cold and you get to see the sunset. When you are there you feel like if you are in the desert but at the same time you have this amazing view of a turquoise beach.





Then at 9 pm we had dinner and later on Asun and Maritere where collecting the money for tomorrow’s trip to Lanzarote.


Day 4

Our plan for today was to visit Lanzarote, we paid 34.5 € both ways including the cars. We left the hotel at 9 am with Asun to pay and then the rest came at 9:30. The ferry ride is about 45 minutes.



We arrived to Lanzarote at 10:50 am and our first stop was Timanfaya National Park which is at 20 km, so 22 minutes by car. The entrance fee is 9€, after you pay you need to go by car 2 km and then you take the bus. It’s a 20 minutes ride and they give you a small explanation in Spanish, English and German.




At 1:00 pm we went to Lago Verde (green lake), it’s 12 minutes away from Timanfaya. This place is amazing you will love it! The view is breathtaking.



Then after taking a lot of pictures we had lunch at “Restaurante el Sicoro” at 2:20 pm. It is a restaurant that is on the cliff, the menu of the day was 9€.


At 4:25 pm we went to Los Jameos del Agua. Take into account that from Lago Verde to Los Jameos is 54 minutes. Since we took like two hours and a half to eat we didn’t have much time. Actually when we arrived to the Jameos we only had 20 minutes to visit because the last Ferry leaves at 7 pm. The entrance fee is 9€, it was nice to visit but we didn’t have much time to enjoy it.




Then we arrived to the hotel, we had dinner and then we went to Waikiki. It was very funny because because Nere asked the DJ to put reggaeton and he didn’t wanted to so Asun, our layer friend wrote a demand.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 15.36.33.png


Day 5

Carlota organized a six-hour boat trip for 48€ per person, it included lunch and drinks (water, wine, sangria and soft drinks) and water activities like paddle surf, kayak and snorkeling.



It was very cool because we were divided into 3 boats but then we meet to do the water activities.


Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 15.56.20.png

The lunch was good but most of us were hungry still, so if you go there I recommend you to take some extra food.


The best part of the Trip is going to la Isla de Lobos. The landscape is very cool, some of the people stayed in the boat.





At the end of the boat trip we were all dancing so it was like a boat party, it was awesome! We enjoyed dancing specially the song picky! 🙂




At night we went to the Banana Bar don´t miss it!

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Day 6

Some of us went to the beach to spend the day and some of the guys went to do surf. This beach was very cool because there was no one and the view was amazing. It really looked like a oasis. I recommend you to bring some food and drinks because in this beach there is nothing to eat so you have to go by car.




For lunch some of the us went to eat in a restaurant (you have to take the car) and other went to the shopping mall to get some food and eat it in the beach. We just relaxed in the beach.

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 17.46.49.png




Day 7

One our last day most of us had a different plan. With Clau, Nere, Carlota and Blanca we decided to stay in the hotel, relax and have lunch there.


Later we went to walk to the town and we ate some yogurt ice-cream and then Nere and Clau got a fake tattoo haha. After that, we went to the port and then back to the hotel to have dinner.





At night we went to Waikiki but unfortunately some of our friends couldn’t make it because Fatima lost her purse with her passport and phone haha! So they went to the beach to try to find it! And so they did! Fatima got her purse and she could travel 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 16.18.20.png

At the end, the trip ended and we all went to our respective new homes, Madrid, Barcelona and elsewhere in the world. We spent 6 years together and in those years, we built unforgettable and sparkling memories. And although we cannot be physically near each other, thoughts warm our hearts and make us smile.

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Author: Viejas Glorias 🙂


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