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When you study abroad you find fascinating people!

When you study abroad you will find in every corner fascinating people!

Hello, I am Juan Ignacio Serrano from Ecuador, I am 23 years old and I am studying Communication in Thompson Rivers University. Fortunately, I have had many experiences in my life including a study abroad. I have lived in North America and have also traveled to Europe, but what matters is everything I’ve learned during those trips. After living in the capital of the world, New York City I can say that I can draw some fascinating stories about my experiences.

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It all started when I was 17 years old when I was an exchange student in Utah, USA; then, I did to an internship in Manhattan. I have also lived in Toronto CA and am now in Vancouver. The experiences I’ve had are countless because in every corner I could find fascinating people. At first, it is very difficult but then you learn and you realize that being different is the only way to fit in. I honestly like being surrounded by Latin people because I feel more comfortable, but that doesn´t mean that I’m not open to any kind of friendship.

study abroad

A year and a half ago I started my own business selling and making artesian products from my country. My objective is to promote artesanal products from Ecuador. Join me in this new adventure and don’t hesitate to find out more about these products in the following links provided. 

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Author: Juan Ignacio Serrano 22, Ecuador

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