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Barcelona Bars – Where you should go

5 Bars worth checking out in Barcelona while Abroad

Hey guys, so after being here in Barcelona for a little bit over a month I have learned that the nightlife in comparison to the States is very different and I truly mean that. To give an example, going out until sunset was one thing I never thought would become such a normal concept but it has and I honestly can’t complain (until the morning after)! The vibrant nightlife takes the city by storm, not just on the weekends, but every night there is always something to do making it never a dull moment at whichever bar you find yourself at 3am.

Here are 5 Bars definitely worth checking out while abroad:

1. Dow Jones

This stock market bar is one of the more original ideas for a bar I have seen. The idea is simple, drink prices fluctuate based on the demand of the certain drink. Essentially, the only time where a crash in the stock is actually a good thing! Other than being very unique in that sense, it’s a great atmosphere with a large selection of drinks.

image of beer taps and logo of dow jones in the background

Website: http://www.dowjonesbar.com

Address: Carrer del Bruc, 97, 08009 Barcelona

Price Range: €€


2. CocoVail Beerhall

Do you like beer? wings? and sports? Well Cocovail has all three and more! This beerhall is a great refresher and reminds me of beerhalls back in the US which might be the other reason why this bar is on this list. They offer 24 different types of beers on tap varying from IPAs to light beers, local to international having every beer for every occasion. With the addition of daily deals including a 50 euro cent wing night from 7-10pm and College Night on Tuesdays (2 euro shots and 4 euro liquor drinks), this bar has just about everything you want!

people hanging around at cocovail beerhall in Barcelona

Website: http://www.cocovailbeerhall.com

Address: Carrer d’Aragó, 284, 08009 Barcelona

Price Range: €€


3. Polaroid

Polaroid captures the art of film and tv circa that era to transform the whole bar into an 80s American dive bar… in Spain. As soon as you walk inside it feels like you just walked inside the man cave of Steven Spielberg, with vinyls, movie posters, vintage action figures and VHS tapes perfectly positioned all over the bar. With cheap drinks and a nostalgic atmosphere, Polaroid is timeless. And yes, they have polaroid pictures and cameras all around the bar as well!

the inside of Polaroid bar

Website: http://www.polaroidbar.es

Address: Carrer dels Còdols, 29, 08001 Barcelona

Price Range: €€

4. Bar Salvatge

Tapas and Wine is a great combination here in Barcelona, and at Bar Salvatge with more than 7 different wines on tap and their fresh made-to-order tapas you really can’t go wrong. The atmosphere is vibrant, service is friendly and the wine is GOOD. Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Gracia, Bar Salvatge is great for a nice quiet night out.

Image logo for salvatge barcelona

Website: http://www.barsalvatge.com

Address: Carrer de Verdi, 50, 08012 Barcelona

Price Range: €€

5. George Payne

Last but definitely not least is George Payne, located right next to the Urquinoana metro stop, serves as Barcelona’s livest pub. Thursday nights being their biggest nights due to Karaoke, the bar remains full until the night is over with students studying abroad and locals all singing their favorite tunes. Their cheap drinks and fun atmosphere every night makes George Payne the go-to bar to bring your friends that are visiting.

an image of a large crowd in george payne barcelona

Website: http://www.thegeorgepayne.com

Address: Plaça d’Urquinoana, 5, 08010 Barcelona

Price Range: €

Yes, there are more bars in Barcelona that are still worth checking out, but these 5 really did resonate with me and I hope that you check them out because you really won’t regret it! Bring and tell your friends, roommates and loved ones about them. Let us know what you think about the list and comment your own personalized list. We’d love to hear it!

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