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Play and Meet New Football Lovers with Celebreak

Play the World’s Most Popular Sport with Celebreak

ATTENTION ROOMMATES: Looking for a game in Barcelona? Have no fear because Celebreak is here!

This wonderous app allows people to play pick up football matches how and when they want. Competitive leagues and tournaments are also available with Celebreak so you can play to the level of competition that you desire. It’s honestly quite the idea because besides sitting around waiting to plan a game with your friends, just hop on Celebreak in within seconds you can find a game around you.


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A slogan that speaks volume of the simplicity of Celebreak. With leagues for both men and women, players are able to meet their type of people… ones who love to play soccer. Just like how FlatFit wants to build an international community, Celebreak strives to bring soccer lovers from all parts of the world together on one field. I can’t help but admire the goal, me being an avid sports fan, loves to see everyone connecting through one sport in one game. Learning new dribble moves, sharing shot techniques and making new lifelong friends are just some of the many benefits of playing with Celebreak.

So why not give it a try? Even if you don’t play competitively and want a quick exercise there are games for everyone so do not worry!  So bring your friends, roommates, roommate’s friends and get a squad going to play.  Oh and I forgot to mention that sometimes after games they will go out for a drink, which is just another way to build friendships even off the field.  Regardless, I am very excited to announce this partnership, stay tuned there will be more to come!

Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow on them on Instagram and go check out their website: https://celebreak.eu/



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