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My experience after college

After University a whole world of different options were open right in front of me. Shall I pursue my studies enrolling for a Master´s degree? Shall I return to my hometown in Barcelona where all my friends and family were? Shall I instead widen my burdens and go for another international experience?


I have always considered myself a quite adventurous chap, therefore the later was my choice and the city of Geneva arose as the most solid option to initiate my professional career. Chocolate, cheese and mountains … what else can I ask for?


Apart from its professional side, I wanted my experience in Geneva to be unforgettable, and of course accommodation, but specially flatmates, would play a very important role there. Looking for accommodation in Geneva is just crazy. Aside from the exorbitant prices, the large lag between supply and demand, converts the room/apartment seeking process in a real application process, where you need to provide good references, attestation of salary, attestation of good conduct (and the list could go on and on and on.)


As a consequence of that, I began the process around 5 months before actually moving. I literally tried everything: Facebook groups, local real state agencies, famous apps. At the end of the day, I just realized it was not a question of what I was looking for but whom I want to live. As I was saying before, demand is so high that people simply choose who they want to live with based on the personal feeling they get when they first meet. If I only could have had a tool that would have simplified this process and told me who were the people I have more chances to generate a good match, I would have walk around Geneva much less!! Fortunately, FlatFit App is coming soon! I recommend you to subscribe to know when the App is release (http://www.flatfitapp.wix.com/subscribe)

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 13.01.59.png

Long short story, I finally managed to find Zoe, my current flatmate. She is originally from Geneva, so she has a lot of inside information on what to do and where to go! We also enjoy a lot having deep conversations about the political scenario in the Swiss Confederation and elsewhere. After a lot of struggle I made the correct match, and I am so happy about that. However, a bit of help would not have been bad at all, wouldn’t it?

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Author: Marc Godia

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