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Mistakes that freshers out there should try to avoid

Many times in life, we do not have a choice. Hazard controls aspects of our destiny that tremendously influence our future self, especially when we are dealing with new friends. Before moving out from my house in Croatia where I comfortable lived with my family I decided to take a leap of faith and go live on my own in a new city where I supposedly knew no one.

Everyone has a different story of their arrival in their university’s town and I was very lucky to land in the city where my brother already lived. I did not have to do much to find a house since we became roommates. You can call it cheating or maybe incredible luck, but I was instantly at ease in this house where I am writing from, as I previously shared a room with my brother for the first 15 years of my life (not exactly an acquaintance).


Nevertheless, here in Milan, we shared the house with two people that were complete strangers to me, at least partly. A year before moving to Milan I intended studying here chemical engineering (the story behind why I chose business is a completely different one) and hence had the chance to meet Vincenzo and Luiz beforehand. I met them only for a small talk; I was completely unaware that they would become my future flat mates! When I arrived in Milan, I was in fact replacing Alessio, a friend of my brother that used to sleep where I do now. The first funny feeling came to me when I realized that this place already belonged to someone, it already lived incredible stories with my brother. I have to say that I scarcely remember how bad I was in terms of self-sustainability.


The basic expertise anyone acquires in their first months revolves around cleaning , cleaning your room, cleaning your dishes, cleaning your clothes, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Rather than blaming all my roommates, which kept on losing their temper due to my house mismanagement, I thank them for teaching me how to respect one another. To be fair I was not a bad fresher I simply had more experienced house members, Vincenzo was 29, my brother 22 and Luiz 24. They were not having their first house sharing experience and therefore were already accustomed to a tranquil lifestyle.


Instead, I arrived and did few mistakes that freshers out there should try to avoid:

1. Try not to occupy the bathroom from 7:30 to 8:30; you can only expect gratuitous compliments.

2. If you finish the toilet paper, you rebuy the toilet paper.

3. Don’t eat others people’s food (unless it’s Nutella we are talking about)

4. Inform your friends and ask for permission if you intend having 10 people over. Include them in the party if necessary.

5. Take turns cooking; your roommate is not your mom.

6. Whatever you do,clean after yourself. I did all of them, I did not intend to but I did.

I lived an incredible 2 years with my roommates did numerous trips such as the one I had with Vins to Zaragoza, Torino, Amsterdam and many more. I had the best dinners, ps4, movie sessions, and nights out with them and for that, I am forever thankful.


Author: Fabrizio Losacco

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