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Living moments, making friends and collecting memories

After living in many different countries, I realized that the most important thing isn’t where you are it is who you are with.

I was born in Ecuador but I’m half Spanish. At the age of 15 my family and I moved to Chile because of my father’s job and 4 years later we moved to Argentina. When I finished high school I decided to go to Spain to pursuit my studies.

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Last year I started school at Loyola Andalucía in Seville. Although half of my family is in Seville, my uncle, aunt, cousins, and grandma, I was looking to live in a place that could open the doors for me to meet people my age.

After looking around, I decided to live in an all girls dorm, Colegio Mayor La Luz. I lived there with 90 amazing girls, we became like a family. I had my own individual room so I could have my own space, but I knew that I could knock on any door at any time.

All this changed a month ago, when I came to study at the John Felice Rome Center, a campus of Loyola University Chicago in Rome. We are around 200 students and all of us live on campus. When we left Seville they told us that the university would choose a random roommate for each of us. I was very worried at the beginning because even though I’m not a hard person to live with, my assigned roommate and I might not have the same type of personality. But I was lucky, very lucky.

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My roommate is Leigh Ann Calotes, and amazing girl from St Louis, Missouri. From the first day, I realized that we shared the same values and that our ideas about life are very similar. Since I got here, there is not one day where she doesn’t make me smile. We have been creating experiences and meeting different people together, and I truly believe that my time in this beautiful country, where in every single corner you find a piece of art, wouldn’t be the same without her.

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Many people that I’m meeting here ARE being part of my Italian experience and I’m certain they will stay in my life for good. There’s people that I met before coming to Rome and others that I met here but that by living together all this time had become like my family. I see them 24 hours a day every single day, we support each other, we study together, we laugh and we have fun, this is what all this experience is about.

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Another travel experience I’ve had was in Bolivia, in The Uyuni Salt Flats. The cover photo of the blog was taken there. This trip started because after finishing high school I decided to take a trip with my two best friends. I was living in Chile at that moment, so we planned to go to the north of the country, to the Atacama Desert and then cross to Bolivia.

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After seeing the Death Valley, we hired a tour that took us to the Salt Flats going through pink and green lagoons, and beautiful landscapes.

We went in a Toyota 4×4, my two best friends, Florencia Aleuanlli and Constanza Herrera, two British girls Lisa McDaid, her sister Danielle McDaid and finally Sam Pears coming from New Zealand.

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I truly recommend all of you to visit this wonderful place. This trip opened many doors for me because of the people I met. That Spring I went on to live in Norwich, England, for 3 months with Lisa, to improve my English and have another experience abroad.

The people I have met during all of my travels have impacted my life immensely. They have helped me become the person I am today. I have grown and learned so much about all that the world has to offer. I strongly believe that everyone should open their minds and travel the world.

Author: Macarena Campos 20, Ecuadorian-Spanish

insta Follow her on Instagram: macampos96


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