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Awesome places to eat in Gracia neighborhood with your roomies!

Great places to eat in Gracia neighborhood with your roommates!

Many people consider  Gràcia neighborhood to be the bohemian region of town. Some of the places to eat on this list are a bit pricey, but they are often the restaurants that are closer to Sarrià-Sant Gervasi district. Once in a while (in special occasions) you can have a little treat with your roommates. Here’s our list:

1.Santa Gula

This Mediterranean restaurant has a smorgasbord board of food; however, their homemade ravioli served in Parmesan sauce is so delicious that it might appear in your dreams.

 places to eat

Address: Plaça Narcís Oller, 3   


This sushi spot is pricey, but is the best in town. To eat here in the summertime would be a dream come true. They have typical types of sushi, but also innovative new sushi (like flambéed sushi, or butterfish with truffle salts). Furthermore the staff is always there to help you out if you don’t know what to try first.

places to eat

Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 119


3.La Tiendita de la Reína

If you read the student budget article, you’ll know that I struggled to find Mexican food for a while. One of the stores I discovered on my search (for burritos) was this shop, which has ingredients if you wanted to cook your own Mexican food. Some of its unique specialities are fresh-pressed corn tortillas, Oaxaca cheese, and spicy sauces to test your limits of what is too spicy.

places to eat

Address: c/Del Torrent de l’Olla


4.Gra de Gràcia

This is another store that is perfect if you have just moved into Barcelona and you are passionate about food. Generally buying spices can be a pain, but this store has brought all the spices together and sells them for relatively cheap prices.

places to eat

Address: Carrer de Puigmartí, 11

5.Plaza del Sol

Neither a restaurant, nor a store, plaza del sol is a place of gathering. Now there are a lot of restaurants around the periphery of the plaza, but people come here to drink, eat, and relax through almost all hours of the day—especially during the summertime.

places to eat

Address: Plaça del Sol, 24S

6.La Taina

La Taina has a menu that allows you to sample many types of traditional Catalan food for around 30 euros. Although most of the restaurants here are best visited in the summertime, I’d recommend coming to La Taina in spring (at the height of the calçots season).

places to eat

Address: c/de Bruniquer, 24


7. Espai deGats

This cafe is a cafe and an adoption center for cats and kittens. Come to Espai DeGats to spend between 30-90 minutes with the resident cats. The longer you pay to stay at the cafe, the more options you will have for food and beverages. All the food at this café is vegan, so I recommend trying their vegan cupcakes. You can just come to the cafe, but I would ultimately recommend making a reservation online to secure a table. If you’ve found your flat and your ideal flatmates, maybe you’d consider adopting a cat from this agency to raise from the summertime through the years to come.

places to eat

Address: c/de Terol, 29

I hope you enjoy this awesome places to eat! We will release other articles with restaurants in other neighborhoods in Barcelona 🙂 Till next time!

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