Top 8 rooftops in Barcelona you should visit with your roommates!

Summer time has finally arrived and with this splendid weather there is nothing better than going roof hoping in Barcelona! Are you with your roommates craving for a juicy sangria or a cold piña colada accompanied with some tapas? Check this … Continue Reading

My experience after college

I literally tried everything: Facebook groups, local real state agencies, famous apps. At the end of the day, I just realized it was not a question of what I was looking for but whom I want to live. As I was saying before, demand is so high that people simply choose who they want to live with based on the personal feeling they get when they first meet. … Continue Reading

3 Countries, 2 Cities and 1 heart

When I arrived at Trinity, I was so lucky to connect in such a deep level with my roommates: Katherine Harty, Helene Nepomuceno and Lauren Cornejo. We did everything together, every memory I have of freshman year, it was the 4 of us. … Continue Reading

Mistakes that freshers out there should try to avoid

The basic expertise anyone acquires in their first months revolves around cleaning , cleaning your room, cleaning your dishes, cleaning your clothes, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Rather than blaming all my roommates, which kept on losing their temper due to my house mismanagement, I thank them for teaching me how to respect one another. … Continue Reading

My adventure: from Calabria to Milan

It’s important to respect each other’s personal space and clean up, but it’s even more important to have someone that you really really like, because flatmates are like a family that you get to choose!

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Living moments, making friends and collecting memories

When we left Seville they told us that the university would choose a random roommate for each of us. I was very worried at the beginning because even though I’m not a hard person to live with, my assigned roommate and I might not have the same type of personality. … Continue Reading

Starting a designer career in Spain

My work as a designer starts since I entered college. I decided to choose Spain as my destination because I have always liked their culture, fashion, architecture and art, the truth is that I like everything about this amazing country. … Continue Reading

A Lithuanian moving to Milano

I believe we have all experienced the great excitement and slight trepidation of starting a new era in our lives and becoming an independent young adult by living away from our families. … Continue Reading

London Flat Drama is never ending

After endless nights of flat search and not being able to find a place without having to sign off a contract we decided to book an Aribnb house for 2 months despite how costly it was. … Continue Reading

When your house becomes your home and your flat mates become your life mates

We build a good confidence that allowed us to live happy with each other. Especially, my roommate Matteo changed my life. He taught me so much in so little time, and his support was unconditional. I consider him one of my best friends till the present day. … Continue Reading