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4 Summertime Ideas Every Food Lover Should Sample in Barcelona

Summertime Ideas Every Food Lover Should Sample in BCN


“Are you adventurous? Summertime is here, but have you created a checklist for your journey in Barcelona yet? If not, that’s okay! Because I have lined up” 4 options that will separate you from the traditional tourist.

You can recognize them by now, wearing cameras on their necks like professional photographers and keeping their arms covered in entrance passes from clubs. They are in a foreign country and yet they are still lined up to eat at McDonald’s or Starbucks. Some travel in herds, others in pairs, but they always travel most throughout the summertime. You may have just moved here, but you want to explore Barcelona, and connect with the spirit of the city. Anyone can tell the world that Barcelona is their new home by taking selfies in front of the Arc de Triomf. But you are not that average tourist… and you’re a lover of food. So let’s combine those two ideas to create a plan to make you stand apart from the rest of the tourists—to brand yourself as a traveler or even as a local. Below you’ll find numerous ideas, separated among several districts of Barcelona, of ways that you can expand your palette during this summertime season.

We’ll start in the Sarrià-Sant Gervasi neighborhood, a place that many would consider to be the posh part of town. The neighborhood is a combination of two parts of town: Sarrià and Sant Gervasi; it is tucked away from the hustle and the bustle of the city life. There are many restaurants and food opportunities, which blossom during the summertime in this district, so take a peek at our suggestions.


1. Céleri


The restaurant focuses their menu around locally sourced and seasonal vegetables. They also have menus for vegetarians and vegans.

Address: Passatge de Marimón, 5


2. Restaurante Dos Torres


People are often astonished when they taste the Spanish food at this restaurant, because of how reasonably priced it is. Be sure to relax out in their garden to enjoy the pleasant summertime.

Address: Via Augusta, 300


3. Bimonthly market


At Parc Turó on every first and third Thursday of the month, there is a farmers market that sells locally sourced honey, cheese, and other kinds of foods that you will surely adore.

Address: Parc Turó

4. Organic Market Sarrià


This grocery store might be easily passed by on the streets, but don’t be fooled by their generic storefront. Inside of this petite market is a small restaurant in side with a variety of food made daily (spanning from vegetarian ravioli to quinoa salad, etc.).

Address: C/Del Pedró de la Creu, 24

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