When you study abroad you will find in every corner fascinating people!

Hello, I am Juan Ignacio Serrano from Ecuador, I am 23 years old and I am studying Communication in Thompson Rivers University. Fortunately, I have had many experiences in my life including a study abroad. I have lived in North … Continue Reading

My experience after college

I literally tried everything: Facebook groups, local real state agencies, famous apps. At the end of the day, I just realized it was not a question of what I was looking for but whom I want to live. As I was saying before, demand is so high that people simply choose who they want to live with based on the personal feeling they get when they first meet. … Continue Reading

When your college friends become your family

After six years of studying a doble degree in the University of Navarra we have finally graduated, but before we take our own paths we decided to make a class trip to Fuerteventura from May 23-30. We arranged our trip … Continue Reading