3 Countries, 2 Cities and 1 heart

When I arrived at Trinity, I was so lucky to connect in such a deep level with my roommates: Katherine Harty, Helene Nepomuceno and Lauren Cornejo. We did everything together, every memory I have of freshman year, it was the 4 of us. … Continue Reading

Mistakes that freshers out there should try to avoid

The basic expertise anyone acquires in their first months revolves around cleaning , cleaning your room, cleaning your dishes, cleaning your clothes, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Rather than blaming all my roommates, which kept on losing their temper due to my house mismanagement, I thank them for teaching me how to respect one another. … Continue Reading

Part 2: Yangshuo-China

If you want to relax, love nature and want to get out of Shanghai for 6 days, try this place! … Continue Reading