A Lithuanian moving to Milano

I believe we have all experienced the great excitement and slight trepidation of starting a new era in our lives and becoming an independent young adult by living away from our families. … Continue Reading

London Flat Drama is never ending

After endless nights of flat search and not being able to find a place without having to sign off a contract we decided to book an Aribnb house for 2 months despite how costly it was. … Continue Reading

Cuando te desprendes de la razón te descubres a ti mismo

Buenos Aires me alucinaba, su movimiento artístico y cultural hacia que mi corazón lata más fuerte. Su aire europeo, la explosión musical y los cafés galerías que inundaban la ciudad hacían que me enamore aún más. … Continue Reading

When your house becomes your home and your flat mates become your life mates

We build a good confidence that allowed us to live happy with each other. Especially, my roommate Matteo changed my life. He taught me so much in so little time, and his support was unconditional. I consider him one of my best friends till the present day. … Continue Reading

Having a flatmate is not only about splitting the bills and sharing the fridge

If I have to share a room or a flat with someone, he or she better be amazing, I now have high standards. … Continue Reading

Good morning from British Columbia !

Be narrow and filter down to the people who want to share your same experience. Be open and adapt to those who will make you grow. … Continue Reading